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All items listed below currently for sale. Please email or call for prices.


19th century Oil On Canvas. This painting has a great look and is in excellent original condition. It measures 9" x 12" The tree is GREAT!


19th century double handled splint basket with original color dyed splints and excellent condition. This decorative old basket is from the Northeast US and measures 12" x 12" x 6.5" tall. A beauty!


Oil On Canvas, circa 1900, signed by Landscape artist, "Clarence E. Shepard". Born in Cortland, N.Y. in 1869. Worked in Kansas City, MO., Freyburg, Maine, and Bemis Point, N.Y. A beautiful painting measuring 16" x 14" framed. Great listings for this well respected artist.


Original watercolor signed and dated by Martha Burchfield. A lovely winter scene of out buildings covered in snow and wild flowers in their winter state. She really captures the moment. It measures 28” x 20” including what is probably the original frame.


Bulbous Peaseware Treen Covered Jar with a fantastic patina! It is 4" in diameter x 4.5" tall. A beauty!


Here is a built in Chimney Cupboard in its original Tiger Maple Grain Paint. It is circa 1840-50 and in excellent condition. It measures 26" x 12 1/2" x 61 1/4" tall. Nice molding around the top and shelves inside. It is good and sturdy too.


Folk Art Wooden Walking Man. You have seen the small size version of this guy for years, but this is the largest one we have ever seen, measuring 12" x 8" x 22" tall. Original paint and very interesting characteristics. He actually works too! Very Cool! Circa 1920's - 40's.


Rare white painted and decorated New England Chair. This one is a beauty! Original white paint with extra nice original folky painted decorations too. It is circa 1840 and all original! It is a good and sturdy chair although it has had a seat repair along the way. 34" high to top.


I couldn't resist this handmade Roller Skate box with contents. It is from the QUEENS NY ROLLER SKATING CLUB. Check out the decal on the inside. It is circa 1950 and all original too! It measures 14" x 11" x 6" Excellent condition! Very fun!


One Drawer Stand in its original Red Paint. A great sturdy form, circa 1840 and a great color as well! It measures 20" x 17" x 28.5" tall. A nice piece of country furniture!

Early 19th century figured maple paddle with an interesting form and the best dry surface. It measures 10" long. The surface is super!


This is a full size wooden Folk Art Uncle Sam in his original paint. He is circa 1930’s and I believe he was used as a mail box holder. Great paint and surface and he stands 75” tall.


Very hard to find Ken Harris Hen Mallard Decoy with the hollowed out bottom. This is the first one we have ever had and apparently he didn't make many of them, as they were special order only! It is circa mid1950's-60's and in excellent original paint! There is a very tiny nick on the underside of the bill but no big deal! It measures 16.5" long and has his makers mark too!


Folky Carved Wooden Boxer Dog Head. This has a nice folky quality to it and is in its original paint too. It is circa 1920 and in excellent condition! It measures a nice sculptural size of 6" x 7" x 11" tall. If you have a boxer or just love dogs you need this one!


Folk Art House made from Cigar Boxes, circa 1900-1910. The roof is hinged so one side lifts to reveal the open interior. Could easily have been used as a humidor. It measures 7.5" x 6" x 12" tall. It has the original surface and the initials "T.D." A Great Look!


This is a 19th century Barn Louver in great old blue and white paint. It is a beautiful piece of architecture and looks great on the wall or in the garden. Big square nail construction. It measures 29” x 50”


Folky, primitive American Doll House with two Chimneys and lots of its worn original paint. It measures 23" x 14" x 25" tall. The primitiveness and folky quality of this circa 1900 piece make it very appealing!


Early Wooden Canteen in its original brown paint. It is in very good original condition and measures 10" in diameter x 7". It is getting harder and harder to find these old guys in this condition anymore.


New England Box in its original painted surface. Kind of an unusual color which we really liked. It measures a nice size of 15" x 9" x 7" tall. Excellent condition with the exception of missing the hasp. Really attractive and decorative paint.


Petite Blanket Box, circa 1840 in original paint. Great size and paint! It measures 34" x 14" x 15" high. Probably N.Y. State.


Late 19th century Child's Sled in its original dry paint. It measures 14" x 34.5" x 14" high. Very good condition. Great Colors!


19th century blown glass apothecary bottle with the original outstanding lettering on a gold leaf ground reading, "P.G. MYRRH" It is a beauty and in excellent condition. Super color and measuring 2 1/4" in diameter x 5 1/4" tall.


HUGE Maple turned wooden bowl that measures an out of round 22" in diameter x a full 7" deep. No damage, circa 19th century!


This is an extremely well done carved and painted wooden boat model, circa 1920-1940. Fabulous Detail to carving and paint! Nice paint crazing and patina too. Its name is " Edna M". 9" long X 5" high.


We just brought in this late 19th century Dry Sink with drawer and upper shelf. It is in its original; paint and is extremely sturdy. It measures 53” x 20” x 53” tall. Note the scallop on the bottom, the double paneled doors, and the nicely shaped sides. A very useful piece of American Country Furniture.


A 19th century chest in its original and perfect shade of BLUE paint. It measures 36" x 18" x 18 3/4" , and has the original iron inset handles too. Excellent condition and WHAT A COLOR!


A really beautifully done 19th century pastel fish painting. Vibrant colors and probably the original lemon gold frame too. It measures 23" x 17" framed.


We have always referred to this style basket as a "two pie basket" because that is what the size will hold. This is a beautifully executed 19th century splint basket with a perfect patina and in excellent condition too. It measures 25" x 14" x 12" high including the handle. Very graceful lines!!!


Rare painted and decorated New York State Dressing Table, circa 1840. It is all original and is a bit larger in size than most. Bright and beautiful and ready to go home with you. It measures 37 1/2" X 19" X 58" tall. PAINT, FORM, AND CONDITION!


Here is a beautiful pair of early 19th century brass andirons. They have a seamed construction and are in great condition too. They measure just over 23” tall, and have a very nice patina too.


Here is a large watercolor illustration in its original painted frame. It is signed in the lower left and dated 1930’s although we can’t make out the name or exact date. It shows Colonial Soldiers, Frontiersmen, and their Indian Guides. It is very well done and interesting. It measures a large 34” wide x 29” high including the frame.


Very Folky early 20th century blind eye Whistler Decoy. Great form and finely crazed old paint! I like this guy a lot! It measures 13" x 6" x 5" high. Note the high hump of his back!


Here is a very unusual Dome Top Box on its original stand and in its original paint. It is circa 1840 and has always been this way. I have never seen another one built like this before. 26” x 17” x 35” tall. It is all together as one piece.


Early 19th century four drawer country chest with a simulated French foot. It is Birch with a nice old red wash and it measures 40” x 19” x 41” tall. All original except the brasses. What a great New England look!


This is a wonderful original watercolor and gouache illustration on board of a PARADE of CIRCUS WAGONS being pulled by costumed and embellished horses. It is signed by the artist Charles George Copeland (1858-1945) who was an American book illustrator active from about 1887 until about 1940. He was a member of the Boston Watercolor Society, and the Boston Art Club. His illustrations were used in a variety of books. He is very well listed and a quick look on Google will give you a lot of information about him. Image size is about 11" x 16" plus the nice matting and framing.


Here is a wonderful Mid-Century watercolor, The Bass Player signed Tom Funk (1911-2003) He was a very well known and well listed illustrator. Google him to see all his credentials. It measures 11” x 14”.


Here is a Dome Top Box in its original vibrant paint, circa 1840. It originally had leather hinges that have come apart now but are still there. It measures 24” x 12” x 13” high.


Early 4 slat Ladderback Chair in 19th century paint. What a great look! The height of the back is almost 39” tall. This is a very sturdy chair!


Very early 19th century American sampler signed “Mary Taylor Wrought in the year 1803”. This piece has beautifully done borders with floral decorations and small animals too. It measures 19” x 16” including the frame. It is very interestingly designed and wrought.


Here is a 19th century pine bench in its original putty colored paint. It measures 74” x 10” x 19” high. It has the most beautiful warm old patina too!


Rare early Velocipede Baby Carriage. We have never had one of these before so it was very exciting to find this one. When the carriage is pushed in either direction the original full bodied horse hide covered horse rocks up and down. The woman that we bought this from bought it over 45 years ago while driving down Delaware Avenue in Buffalo. It was in the window of a very exclusive children's clothing shop that was going out of business. She stopped and asked if they would sell it to her and lucky for her they said yes. She has owned it all this time. It measures a large 62” long from horse hoof to back handle.. You just don't see these offered for sale very often. WOW!


Especially nice and rare 19th century crib quilt. Great condition and vibrant colors! It measures 34” x 37”. This was originally found in a home in Lockport, N.Y.


Here is a large metal Floor Train made by The Cor-Cor Toy Company from Washington, Indiana. It has the original paint and is in overall great original condition. It measures a large 49” long including the Engine and Tender and the Pullman Car too. Especially great paint! The Cor-Cor Toy Company went out of business pre 1941.

This is a large wooden crate with the original color and stenciled lettering from, “Easter Brand Foods” It is the same on both sides and has large stenciled numbers on the ends too. It measures 30” x 14” x 10”.


Here is a pair of Hand Knitted Wool Knee Socks just in time for winter. Probably 19th century and in excellent condition. What great colors and designs and ready to wear too.



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