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Here is a real survivor! A very Folky Wooden Rooster, that has been mounted and framed and is ready to hang. It may have started its life as a Weathervane Pattern or a Barn Decoration, but whatever it has a lovely warm patina, is circa 1890-1900, and has been worthy of saving all these years! What a form, and what a look! 33" x 25".


Wooden Barber Pole circa 1890 in original paint and crazed surface. This is an unusual pole in that it is octagonal in shape and this is all it ever was. It measures8.5” x 8.5” x 39.5” tall. Made to sit on its base just the way you see it. There is some expected wear on about 15-20% of the pole. It would also make a super base for a great piece of folk art.


Exceptional Marquetry Inlaid Box. It is our belief that this is a Masonic box because of all the Masonic iconography. Note the Royal Arch Pillars, The Knights Templar Insignia, The Plow and Sheaves of Wheat, and more. There is also decorative inlay work on the front and both sides. It is primarily done in Tiger Maple and Walnut, and what makes it even more special is that it is in its original varnished surface, has no missing pieces, and no I didn’t forget the Two Tiger Maple Inlaid Horses front and center. It measures a large 22” x 14” x 8” high. WOWSER!!!


Spectacular carved and painted wooden songbird and butterfly in a tree. It is circa 1900 and all original including the tin leaves and the polychrome paint. It stands over 7” tall and is in very good condition! The tree trunk is painted also. WOW!


Early 19th century Barometer with Thermometer. It has a banded inlay and original surface. The original glass tube is intact although the mercury was removed some time ago. It is marked with the makers name, "F Pellegrino", and measures 38” long. It is circa 1820.


19th century American School oil on board Still Life Painting. It measures 15” x 13” framed in what is probably the original frame. It has a very Theorem like feel to it. Excellent condition. Great colors and composition.


Planters Peanut Glass Jar used in country stores on the counters. This one is in perfect condition and measures a large .75” x 7.5” x 14” tall. Original cover with peanut finial too.


OHIO FAMILY RECORD, circa 1841. It has a wonderful calligraphic heading that shows an eagle, "Family Record". It measures 15” x 12” framed. Very good condition. It is for the Beard family. Great size and very folky drawings.

Northwest Coast Native American carved paddle. Carved cedar and was never painted. It has taken on a really lovely old patina. 28.5” long x 4” wide. It is circa 1890-1900.


Folk Art Tall Man Wearing a Hat. He is all metal and was originally found in the Detroit area. We believe he was made as a planter with the plant going into his base at the bottom. I really like this guy and he has quite a presence. Note his large scale of 31.5” tall. Surface is a nice mix of original white and surface rust, (all in a very good way). Circa 1930’s-40.


Very hard to find Cast Iron Taxi Cab in its original paint and having the original driver too. This is a larger toy measuring 9” long. It is in excellent condition and has been in a private collection for about 30 years. You just never find these in this condition.


Number 4 signed Shaker Rocker in its original finish and in excellent condition. It has a nice broad seat and shawl rail along the top. Nice and clean too. It measures 22” across with a seat height of 15” and 34” to the top of the back. A beauty!


Large hand painted House Portrait. I couldn’t resist this outsider/folk art painting on Masonite. It is circa 1940’s – 60’s and is signed, “R.A. KOWALSKI". It is somewhat 3 dimensional as the surface has been built up with something under the paint as well as the use of a thick paint. It measures a large 36” x 28” in its original frame. It has a very whimsical feel to it too!


Blanket Chest circa 1840. Original paint and an interesting surface. It has great high bracket feet and is nice and clean too. It measures 40” x 18.5” x 25” tall.


NY State dovetailed box in its vivid original paint on all sides. It is in immaculate condition, circa 1840, and measures 28” x 15” x 12” tall. A very useful old box. Perfect for your stack.


This pair of very gutsy, heavily decorated, painted Plank Seat Chairs have it all! The chairs are grained in red and black and decorated over that with flowers, leaves and more. Also check out the unusual bamboo turned stretcher on the front of the chairs, and the nice chunky arrows on the back. They are very sturdy and quite usable. Seat height is 17.5” WOW!


Early Wooden Rim Bicycle Wheel that has been made into a painted Gamewheel The wheel is from an early circa 1910-20 bicycle and has a nice dry old surface in black and white with the original red still on the bicycle rim. It is in very good original condition and measures 29” in diameter.


Advertising Thermometer for “Abbotts Bitters” It is in very good condition and is circa 1920. It measures 5” x 21” high. Super graphics too. A fairly rare advertiser.


Carved Billy Club in its crazed original surface. Carved into it is, “Split Rock, NY / Semet-Solvy Co. /F.L. Hollard”. Someone took a long time to do this one and it is in excellent condition with a great old surface. It measures 12.5” long.


Full size American Carved Wooden Carousel Horse. He is in excellent condition and retains his very pleasing crazed in-park paint. He has a very expressive face and stance and measures 56” long x 46” tall. I like the paint surface. A beauty!


N.Y. State Spice Box in its great original paint. This box is in very good original condition and is signed is several places, “Made by B F Rollins, and dated July 4 & 5 1864” It measures about 19” x 9” x 14” high. Great surface too!


Pr. of circa 1830-40 Silhouettes done by the same hand. They are very well done and in excellent condition including the original frames with gold leaf liners. They each measure 6.5” x 5.5” framed. They were found in Western NY many years ago. Lots of painted detail on both figures.


Who doesn’t LOVE a Folky Cat. It is hand painted pine, circa 1900-1920. Possibly part of a child’s toy at one time, but I’m not sure of that. It was artfully mounted and framed in a great old frame in its original paint. Perfect with this cat. WHAT A LOOK!


19th century Iron Bootjack with stylish Heart cut out. Great form and condition. It measures 13” long.


Handmade “Jiggs” ash tray holder with original embossed tin ashtray that reads CAMELS ARE SMOOTH. Great original paint and he stands 31” tall. The comic characters are very popular and hard to find. Circa 1930-40.


Counter top slant lid desk in its original paint. It is circa 1850-60 and all original, measuring 20.5" x 19.5" x 8" high. Nice and clean inside too. Very well painted all the way around.


Fabulous RARE N.Y. State painted box. This box is in its original polychrome paint. It also has original stenciling on top of all the color and graining! The construction of this box is special too. Mortised joints and raised panels all the way around add to the exceptional qualities of this piece! It measures 15” x 10” x 10” high. What a Prize!


Unusual Tramp Art picture frame in the original black paint. This frame is in excellent condition and is circa 1890. Inside measurement is 4.5” x 6.5” and the outside measures 11” x 9”


Folky hand done artwork of Mr. Dee’s Band of Hope. It is circa 1900 and is done with watercolor and pencil. The Band of Hope was a group of women that were demonstrating against their husbands drinking alcohol. It is in a nice old lemon gold frame and measures 8.5” x 10”. A nice old piece of political Folk Art!

Three-dimensional carved wooden pointing hand in its original paint. Always a popular form in signs, so I assume it was used in conjunction with some kind of sign. It measures 12.5” long and is circa 1920-30.


Very Folky American Watercolor of Mr Smith's special Pig! What a look! It measures 17” x 14” framed and is circa 1910-1920. On the back it is penciled with the pig owners name and Victor, Iowa.


Late 19th century Fan-lite window. It is in great condition and measures 49.5” x 29” high. Interior paint is one coat and original. The outside is several coats of exterior white paint and a nice weathered surface.

Heavy iron key, circa 1900. It has a great form and patina and measures 20.5” x 7.5”. probably used as a trade sign. I like the skeleton key form!


Huntley Palmer Biscuit Tin in the shape of a group of books strapped together. It is in very good condition and measures 6.5” x 5” x 6” tall. Litho’d tin. A very desirable tin.


Large Frost Pattern Hooked Rug of trees and two Lions. It has been mounted on a stretcher and is ready to hang. It measures a large 64” x 32.5”. This is one of the most popular patterns that frost did. It is late 19th or early 20th century.


Very early Handled Amber Chestnut Bottle. It has an open pontil and is in perfect condition! It measures just over 8” tall and has a very elegantly applied handle.


Miniature Blanket Chest in its original paint, circa 1840. It measures 25.5” x 13” x 16” tall. Missing a small piece off the left back foot but otherwise in very good condition! The case is fully dovetailed. I have owned this little chest for over 35 years and it originally came from Smitty Axtell. What a great size!

Pair of 19th century mega size cast iron brackets in the original paint. What a great color and size! They measure 17” high x 17” deep and they are in excellent condition. Where will you find another pair like these?


Late 19th century Mini display case. This case is exceptionally well made and has its original surface too. It would be perfect for your best miniature decoy or any other prized possession. It measures a small 8” x 6.5” x 6.5” tall. One of a kind! Glass on four sides and the top. Nice molding and turnings too.


Cradle   Hooded Cradle, circa 1840. WOW to the outstanding original paint. We have had many of these over the years but none with paint and surface like this one. 36” X 23” X 26.5” high.


Large Folky Wooden Fish Weathervane with tin fins, circa 1920. This old guy is in a very old if not original white paint and measures 29” long. Very whimsical!


Mission Box  A double collection box for mission work. It is late 19th century and in the original surface with a drawer. It measures 13” x 6.5” x 5.5” high. The top has all the original painted words intact too. Great size and condition!


HUGE Round Covered 19th century Basket that measures 22.5” in diameter x 16” tall. Even though there is a bit of splint loss here and there, we would have to say it is in excellent condition and has a great old natural patina too! I have never seen another basket in this style that is this large!


Two fabulous miniature Northwest Coast Totem Poles in their original paint. The larger one is stamped with the stamp from The Old Curiosity Shop, in Washington State. The smaller one is not marked but came out of the same place and is of the same high quality as the larger one. They are both circa 1930’s and in excellent condition. The larger one is 10.5” tall and the smaller one is 8.5” tall.


19th century Firkin with original stenciling on the front that reads, “Corn Meal” The Firkin itself was never painted and has attained the best natural patina! It has actually taken on a rich nutty brown color. It measures 10” in diameter x 14” tall with handle up. It is in excellent condition too!


76" x 48" WOW! Large, Vintage Scandinavian Hand Painted Folk Art Holiday Banner. The wording is in Swedish and translates to Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The illustration is a large Viking Ship full of Santa’s Elves having a great old time! They are carrying decorated trees and mugs of grog. It is artist signed and dated 67. I couldn’t resist this piece. Great color and subject!


Riley’s Semi China Staffordshire Blue Transferware Soup Plate, circa 1802-1828. This early plate measures 10” in diameter x 1.5” deep. It has a beautiful stylized urn of flowers in the center and is in perfect condition!


19th century Maine Scoter Decoy in original dry old black paint. It has an inletted head and measures 16" long. We don't find many of these early Scoters around much anymore. The head has been off and put back on probably by the hunter. It all kind of adds to the authenticity!


Rare original sign from East Aurora, N.Y. It is hand painted on heavy cardboard and in its original frame, circa 1910. We believe that this group was the precursor to what became The first AAA group from the region. It measures 11” x 6.5”


Mini Man Whirligig

A wonderful carved wooden Whirligig / Weathervane, circa late 19th century. The arrow is flat but the man is three dimensionally carved with a nice face, a cut away coat and a top hat. Original paint surface and measuring 14" long x 17" tall on base. Excellent original condition!


Teddy Bear Rocker in its original colorful paint. It is circa 1920 and all original! It measures 14.5" x 23.5" x 22" high. Perfect for the grand kids to sit in or to hold your bears! Super paint!


RARE 19th century fishing Creel in its original dry red paint.  This is the oldest creel we have ever had and the most beautiful form too.  This old timer has been well used and loved over its long existence and in this case its beauty and rarity override any wear the basket has.  It is still very strong and sturdy and when hung on the wall you don't notice the wear. It measures 13" x 6" x 11"  It also still has the original rope carrying strap!


Here is a built in Chimney Cupboard in its original Tiger Maple Grain Paint. It is circa 1840-50 and in excellent condition. It measures 26" x 12 1/2" x 61 1/4" tall. Nice molding around the top and shelves inside. It is good and sturdy too.


Hard to find Wooden Clark Bar Advertising Thermometer, circa 1920. It is all original with a nice old crazed surface. It measures 5.5” x 21” tall.


Folk Art Wooden Walking Man. You have seen the small size version of this guy for years, but this is the largest one we have ever seen, measuring 12" x 8" x 22" tall. Original paint and very interesting characteristics. He actually works too! Very Cool! Circa 1920's - 40's.


Rare white painted and decorated New England Chair. This one is a beauty! Original white paint with extra nice original folky painted decorations too. It is circa 1840 and all original! It is a good and sturdy chair although it has had a seat repair along the way. 34" high to top.

Early 19th century figured maple paddle with an interesting form and the best dry surface. It measures 10" long. The surface is super!


Folk Art House made from Cigar Boxes, circa 1900-1910. The roof is hinged so one side lifts to reveal the open interior. Could easily have been used as a humidor. It measures 7.5" x 6" x 12" tall. It has the original surface and the initials "T.D." A Great Look!


Folky, primitive American Doll House with two Chimneys and lots of its worn original paint. It measures 23" x 14" x 25" tall. The primitiveness and folky quality of this circa 1900 piece make it very appealing!


Petite Blanket Box, circa 1840 in original paint. Great size and paint! It measures 34" x 14" x 15" high. Probably N.Y. State.


Late 19th century Child's Sled in its original dry paint. It measures 14" x 34.5" x 14" high. Very good condition. Great Colors!


This is an extremely well done carved and painted wooden boat model, circa 1920-1940. Fabulous Detail to carving and paint! Nice paint crazing and patina too. Its name is " Edna M". 9" long X 5" high.


We just brought in this late 19th century Dry Sink with drawer and upper shelf. It is in its original; paint and is extremely sturdy. It measures 53” x 20” x 53” tall. Note the scallop on the bottom, the double paneled doors, and the nicely shaped sides. A very useful piece of American Country Furniture.


Rare painted and decorated New York State Dressing Table, circa 1840. It is all original and is a bit larger in size than most. Bright and beautiful and ready to go home with you. It measures 37 1/2" X 19" X 58" tall. PAINT, FORM, AND CONDITION!


Here is a beautiful pair of early 19th century brass andirons. They have a seamed construction and are in great condition too. They measure just over 23” tall, and have a very nice patina too.


Here is a large watercolor illustration in its original painted frame. It is signed in the lower left and dated 1930’s although we can’t make out the name or exact date. It shows Colonial Soldiers, Frontiersmen, and their Indian Guides. It is very well done and interesting. It measures a large 34” wide x 29” high including the frame.


Here is a very unusual Dome Top Box on its original stand and in its original paint. It is circa 1840 and has always been this way. I have never seen another one built like this before. 26” x 17” x 35” tall. It is all together as one piece.


Early 19th century four drawer country chest with a simulated French foot. It is Birch with a nice old red wash and it measures 40” x 19” x 41” tall. All original except the brasses. What a great New England look!


This is a wonderful original watercolor and gouache illustration on board of a PARADE of CIRCUS WAGONS being pulled by costumed and embellished horses. It is signed by the artist Charles George Copeland (1858-1945) who was an American book illustrator active from about 1887 until about 1940. He was a member of the Boston Watercolor Society, and the Boston Art Club. His illustrations were used in a variety of books. He is very well listed and a quick look on Google will give you a lot of information about him. Image size is about 11" x 16" plus the nice matting and framing.


Here is a Dome Top Box in its original vibrant paint, circa 1840. It originally had leather hinges that have come apart now but are still there. It measures 24” x 12” x 13” high.


Early 4 slat Ladderback Chair in 19th century paint. What a great look! The height of the back is almost 39” tall. This is a very sturdy chair!


Here is a 19th century pine bench in its original putty colored paint. It measures 74” x 10” x 19” high. It has the most beautiful warm old patina too!


Rare early Velocipede Baby Carriage. We have never had one of these before so it was very exciting to find this one. When the carriage is pushed in either direction the original full bodied horse hide covered horse rocks up and down. The woman that we bought this from bought it over 45 years ago while driving down Delaware Avenue in Buffalo. It was in the window of a very exclusive children's clothing shop that was going out of business. She stopped and asked if they would sell it to her and lucky for her they said yes. She has owned it all this time. It measures a large 62” long from horse hoof to back handle.. You just don't see these offered for sale very often. WOW!

Here is a large metal Floor Train made by The Cor-Cor Toy Company from Washington, Indiana. It has the original paint and is in overall great original condition. It measures a large 49” long including the Engine and Tender and the Pullman Car too. Especially great paint! The Cor-Cor Toy Company went out of business pre 1941.


Here is a pair of Hand Knitted Wool Knee Socks just in time for winter. Probably 19th century and in excellent condition. What great colors and designs and ready to wear too.



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