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All items listed below currently for sale. Please email or call for prices.


Here is a fabulous Carpenters Model Staircase, circa 1900-1910. It is in the original paint and measures a large 45” x 31” x 43” tall. Beautifully crafted, very solid, and it really makes a statement. Our photos don’t really do this one justice.


This is a full size wooden Folk Art Uncle Sam in his original paint. He is circa 1930’s and I believe he was used as a mail box holder. Great paint and surface and he stands 75” tall.


This is a 19th century Barn Louver in great old blue and white paint. It is a beautiful piece of architecture and looks great on the wall or in the garden. Big square nail construction. It measures 29” x 50”


This is a wonderful small oval shaped Nantucket Basket, circa 1880-1910. It is in mint condition with a perfect patina. It measures 6 ¾” x 5” x 3 ½” deep.


A very exciting find! It is a Spectacular pastel theorem like still life in its original frame. This piece just pops! It is masterfully done and measures 14” x 11 ½” including the frame. There is a piece of tape on the back of the frame that says, “Painted 1865 by Charles F. Parker / Jackie’s great grandfather” AMAZING!


Here is a six drawer early walnut spool cabinet. Advertising in tact as you see and the case is in original finish too. It measures 24 ½” x 17 ½” x 20” tall. It is in excellent original condition except that somewhere along the way the drawer bottoms have been replaced.


Large pair of 19th century Corbels in very old dry crusty paint. Beautiful form. They each measure 19” x 26” x 3”.


Here is an unusual 19th century Frakture Type Watercolor in its original paint decorated frame. It is a large piece with lovely geometric decorations at the top as well as the bottom. The wording is all done in German and when I showed it to a friend who reads a bit of German he said it was a poem for a house blessing. There is a bit of paper loss at the bottom but the rest is so strong it carries itself just fine. It measures a large 16 ½” x 25” including the frame.


This is an early 19th century pine single drop leaf tavern table with drawer and button feet. It still has its original red paint with a single board top and single board leaf. The top board measures 41” x 23”. Even the top has most of the original red too. We haven’t had one this good in many, many years. It stands 28 ½” tall. What a beauty!


Here is a well made “JIGGS” Butler or Tip Tray. He is cut out pine with hand carved highlights such as his tie, cigar, etc. He is in his original paint, circa 1930’s and stands 32” tall. Great colors, subject, etc.


Here is a very folky 19th century hammered iron weathervane. It is all one piece and “has the look” as well as the age, patina, and condition. It has a nice fan tailed rooster and a well formed arrow and measures 31” long x 17” high on the stand.


Here is a good strong and well done Black Duck Decoy in a sleeper position with original paint and glass eyes too. It measures 13” long x 7” high. It is circa 1930’s. I really like this one!


Here is an oil on Strathmore Board. Rooftops, by J.P. Sellers, and dated 1925. A great little painting measuring 7 ½” x 9” excluding the old frame. Mr. Sellers was a graphic designer and artist from the Syracuse NY area.


Here is a very nice miniature paddle, circa 1900. It is in excellent condition with a great patina and original painted Indian Chief on it. It is not a decal! It measures 22” long. One of the nicest that we have ever had.


Here is a nice clean Stoneware Crock with a heavy cobalt decoration, and it is marked, “C.W..Braun / Buffalo, NY” It measures 10” tall x 10” in diameter. It is bright and solid but does have a tight hairline on the back side.


Here is a very hard to find early country store Spool Cabinet. It has two roll top sides and two sides with small glass windows. It is original finish and lettering as well that reads, “J&P Coats Spool Cotton No.40” It measures 16” x 20” x 23”.


Here is a folky American folk art sheet metal Indian Weathervane Mascot. These works were once attached to the front of a locomotive train as a decorative mascot. See The American Folk Sculpture book by Robert Bishop for similar examples. This one measures over 22” long and has nice old paint and good surface.


Large Silhouette Goose Decoy with original iron stake. This piece was never painted and has developed a beautiful patina! The graceful neck and head are three dimensionally carved and the body is inletted to the neck. Great form! It measures a large 28” long. Decoy Folk Art!


We just brought in this late 19th century Dry Sink with drawer and upper shelf. It is in its original; paint and is extremely sturdy. It measures 53” x 20” x 53” tall. Note the scallop on the bottom, the double paneled doors, and the nicely shaped sides. A very useful piece of American Country Furniture.


This is an early 19th century footstool in its original blue/green paint. It is all square nailed and all original. It measures 19” x 9 ½” x 10” high. Good and sturdy too.


Here is an Ash Can School era Lithograph signed James R. Clark which is “James Rounding Clark (1918-2011) Clark was active/lived in California, and Mass. He was known for his Lithography, Painting, and teaching. We have more info about the artist to gladly share with the buyer. Paper is 20” x 12 ½”


Here is an octagonal wooden Barber Pole circa 1900. It is all original and has a nice crazed dry old paint surface. It has the original iron brackets for securing it to the wall too. It measures 4” in diameter x 52” long. A great original American trade sign.


Here is a very unusual 19th century painted stand on original iron base. Plant Stand? Magicians Table? What do you think? The superb original paint on the top can remind you of the type of work you see on the very fancy Victorian Gameboards. It has that feel to it. This is a very special piece! The top measures 18” x 11” and it stands 28” tall.


Hand carved Dog head Handle folk art cane that came off The Tonawanda Indian Reservation in Akron NY, circa 1920’s. It was never painted and was actually being used daily as a cane. It has a beautiful, rich patina.


Here is an early Delaware River hollow body Black Duck in its original paint. It has glass eyes and measures just over 17” long.


Here is a beautiful pair of early 19th century brass andirons. They have a seamed construction and are in great condition too. They measure just over 23” tall, and have a very nice patina too.


Here are a pair of hanging game and fish paintings, circa 1910-20’s. They are not signed but obviously done by the same hand. They each measure 10 ¼” x 14”, without the frames. Great colors too.


Here is a nice 19th century firkin in its original mustard colored paint. It is in excellent condition except that it is missing its top. Still will look beautiful in your display and great filled with flowers too. Great color!


Here is a large litho on paper sign from Satin Skin Powder / Skin Cream. Great colors and state of preservation, copyright 1903. It is in a gilded wooden frame that is possibly original but if not I can account for it being together for the last 40 years. Great graphics and color and a large size of 30” x 44” including the frame.


This is a miniature Split Tail Pintail Decoy signed on the bottom with Ken Harris Stamp. This particular stamp was only used on miniatures that were specially made for Harden Furniture Company’s Special Dinners. These are very hard to find and a pintail of this quality is about the hardest to find. It measures 8” long and is all original, circa 1960. A prize!


Large early Carboy bottle in great condition! Beautiful rich green color and open pontil. It measures 19” tall.


This is by far the nicest Victorian 19th century wire plant stand that we have ever had. Outstanding condition all the way around. It measures 33” x 19” x 30” tall.


This is a 19th century country store coffee bin in its original red paint and pinstriped decoration. It is all original and very clean too. It measures 18” x 20” x 27” tall.


This is an original Red, White, and Blue Gamewheel, circa 1930’s-40’s. It has a great look along with the original paint. It measures 32” in diameter and works perfectly!


This is a beautifully made 19th century hand painted “Heron”. It is hollow and very light weight. I think it is Paper Mache, but if not then some other type of thin composition. Nevertheless it is Beautiful in person and stands 5” tall in its preening position. Original paint!


Here is a large watercolor illustration in its original painted frame. It is signed in the lower left and dated 1930’s although we can’t make out the name or exact date. It shows Colonial Soldiers, Frontiersmen, and their Indian Guides. It is very well done and interesting. It measures a large 34” wide x 29” high including the frame.


This is an early 20th century painted eye decoy in its original paint.  Beautifully hand carved with unusual detail paid to the tail and wing areas.  It measures 10” long.  Great form too!


Here is a very unusual Dome Top Box on its original stand and in its original paint. It is circa 1840 and has always been this way. I have never seen another one built like this before. 26” x 17” x 35” tall. It is all together as one piece.


Here is a Folk Painting signed by the late Buffalo artist Estelle Viders. It is her rendition of gifts being brought to The Baby Jesus at his birth. This painting shows people from all paths of life making the trip. They include African Americans, Native Americans, Women, Men, Children, Etc. There are 13 figures and of course the great little dog in the bottom right. Also notice the village and the bright star in the upper right where they are all traveling to. It measures 24” x 20” including the original frame. Circa 1940.


Early 19th century four drawer country chest with a simulated French foot. It is Birch with a nice old red wash and it measures 40” x 19” x 41” tall. All original except the brasses. What a great New England look!


Here is a large wood and tin Airplane Whirligig/Weathervane. It is circa 1930-40 and measures 28” long with a wingspan of 18”. Original silver paint and a really great look! It’s all about the scale!


Here is a delightful Ink and watercolor painting. It is signed and dated “Fred Gonsowski / 1978, and titled A Plain Old Fashioned Picnic”. We just bought this from an estate in Buffalo and could not resist it. Google this artist to see his resume. He is very well listed. It measures 19” x 15” including the matting.


Folky Cast Iron Eagle with a 15” wing span. Still retains some of its original black paint, and is marked on the back, “J. Sheldon Fisher / Fishers, NY”. There are numbers too of 1945. It appears to be much earlier than that but you can decide if it is a date or not. A nice old piece of Western NY Americana.


Here is the largest and gutsiest sewing stand of this type that we have ever had. It stands just over 13” tall to the top of the bold turned finial on top of the pin cushion ball. It is circa 1840 and still retains its original heavily crazed colored varnish surface. The base measures 6 ½” x 6 ½” and has one drawer. It is complete and all original and square nailed too. I wish you could see this in person as the photos don’t do it justice.


This is a 19th century American Redware Apple Bank in its very nice original paint. We have had many of these over the years but this one is especially well painted.


Here is a really cool 19th century folk carving of an Indian. Supposedly “Sitting Bull” It is relief carved on a chunk of walnut with beveled edges. It is signed on the bottom edge, “Otto A. Rathke 1873”. On the back is written, “With Love to Carmen Marge Oct. 1873 / Sitting Bull Oct 1873 / Otto A. Rathke”. It measures 6 ½” x 5”. Original surface. NICE!


Here is a very graphic and fun Airplane Whirligig, circa 1950’s. It is in its original red and silver paint, and just has a great look! The wingspan is 13” Very Cool!


Here is a nice early smaller size Adirondack Pack Basket. It is circa 1910-20 and in very good condition with a very pleasing patina. It measures 13” x 8” x 16” tall. Good and sturdy.


Here is a wonderful Mid-Century watercolor, The Bass Player signed Tom Funk (1911-2003) He was a very well known and well listed illustrator. Google him to see all his credentials. It measures 11” x 14”.


Here is a 19th century SALESMAN'S SAMPLE FLAX WHEEL. Built just like the full size version and still in working condition. It has a great old natural patina and is very detailed too. The wheel itself measures only 9” in diameter. I have never had a chance to buy one of these before. It is a real scale model!


This is a 19th Century Country Store Tea Tin in its original paint that has been made into a lamp. Great paint and it stands about 30” high to the top of the harp. Strong colors too.


Here is a nice tall early Spongeware pitcher that is in pristine condition! It measures 8 ¾” tall x 5 ½” in diameter.

A nice handmade folk art Train Model. Probably made by someone that worked on that train. It is all original including the unusual paint. It is lettered LACKAWANNA on the sides of the coal tender and it measures 28” x 6” x 7” high. It is circa 1940 and in excellent condition.


Rare 18th century Aquatint dated 1789. “THE NORTH WEST OR DAVIS’S STREIGHTS WHALE FISHERY” “Published May 1st 1789 by John and Jofia Boydell, No. 90 Cheapfide London.” / “Robt Dodd delint & Sculpt” Strong colors and beautifully framed and matted. It measures 34” x 24”.


This is a nice early American tin horse and cart in its original paint. It measures 7 ¾” long.


Early 4 slat Ladderback Chair in 19th century paint. What a great look! The height of the back is almost 39” tall. This is a very sturdy chair!


Here is a 19th century cut and hammered tin, decorative, roof finial ornament, said to have come off a house in New Orleans. I’m not exactly sure what type of creature it is supposed to be, but I love it, and you will too. It stands 36” tall on its base and is in great condition! Very cool!


Very early 19th century American sampler signed “Mary Taylor Wrought in the year 1803”. This piece has beautifully done borders with floral decorations and small animals too. It measures 19” x 16” including the frame. It is very interestingly designed and wrought.


American Toleware box, circa 1835. Nice original paint and in very good condition too. It measures 8” x 4” x 5” high.


Historically significant early sampler in a great old lemon gold frame. This is the only sampler I have ever had or seen that is marked with a Western N.Y. town name. It is signed, “Louisa W. Wares Sampler West Bloomfield 1828”. It measures 14” x 16” including the frame. I have had this in my own collection for well over 25 years. West Bloomfield is near Rochester, N.Y.


Rare early Velocipede Baby Carriage. We have never had one of these before so it was very exciting to find this one. When the carriage is pushed in either direction the original full bodied horse hide covered horse rocks up and down. The woman that we bought this from bought it over 45 years ago while driving down Delaware Avenue in Buffalo. It was in the window of a very exclusive children's clothing shop that was going out of business. She stopped and asked if they would sell it to her and lucky for her they said yes. She has owned it all this time. It measures a large 62” long from horse hoof to back handle.. You just don't see these offered for sale very often. WOW!


Early 19th century Stick Spatter Handless Cup and Saucer. Great colors and condition.


Especially nice and rare 19th century crib quilt. Great condition and vibrant colors! It measures 34” x 37”. This was originally found in a home in Lockport, N.Y.


Here is a large metal Floor Train made by The Cor-Cor Toy Company from Washington, Indiana. It has the original paint and is in overall great original condition. It measures a large 49” long including the Engine and Tender and the Pullman Car too. Especially great paint! The Cor-Cor Toy Company went out of business pre 1941.


Here is a large green/amber 19th century Demijohn bottle in excellent clean condition. Sparkly color too. It measures 17” tall.


Here is a large architectural Zinc Finial. It is late 19th or very early 20th century and stands 30” tall x 11” in diameter, and has a pleasant old patina as well.


Here are four framed early Trade Cards that were all printed by “Clay & Richmond / Buffalo” They each show chubby men playing Baseball. The tow on the top advertise, “MERCHANTS GARGLING OIL” The two on the bottom advertise “W.H.&S.V. Lines / Boots & Shoes / Rochester, NY” They are beautifully framed and ready to hang. It measures 12” x 16” including the frame.


This is a large wooden crate with the original color and stenciled lettering from, “Easter Brand Foods” It is the same on both sides and has large stenciled numbers on the ends too. It measures 30” x 14” x 10”.



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